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mpacplus offers reliability to
our customers based on our abundant accumulated
know-hows and technologies.

mpacplus will do its best for customer satisfaction with our
TPU/PVC packaging technology know-hows and patented technologies.

We sincerely welcome your visit to mpacplus website! 1mpacplus is an expert company that develops and produces smartphone waterproof case and fragrance with its TPU/PVC packaging technology know-hows and around 100 items of patented technologies. ‘Daesang Tech’ is our former company that was established in 1984 as a vinyl laminating company, and we re-established the company with the name of mpacplus in 2015.

Smartphone waterproof case is made with urethane (TPU) or PVC film bonding know-how, and our patented concavo- convex engagement technology. It is the first of this type, and we are leading domestic waterproof case market with its certified 200 meter waterproof capability. We are the only company that developed Smartphone Waterproof Touchscreen case. It can replace underwater shooting equipment with smartphones, and it created emerging global market for scuba diving and skin diving, and we are leading the market with 1.5 million waterproof case production capacity per year.

Mosquito repellent or perfume is the unique product in the world, developed by engrafting production know-hows of air permeable film material with patented of packaging technologies. It leads domestic market with its lasting and uniform fragrance, and we expand oversea markets including USA and China based on our production capacity of 2 million units/month and new product development efforts.